Let me forget what I feel

Let me forget what is surreal

Let me forget about us

Let me forget the times we had

Let me forget it all

Am I a replacement?

Am I the substitute of the absence?

Am I just the temporary

Before your time with your lady?


Is this still normal?

Is this still part of the friendship we have?

Is this still part of a happy story?

Or some sort of a melancholy?

Are you aware of this?

Are you just numb?

Are you still blind to see

The pain in my solitary?

Do I need to tell it to you?

Do you want to know what I feel?

Do you just don’t care at all?

Or you’re just forced to do the goodness and all?

Let me end this now

Let me just say it out loud

Let me be free from the pain

Let me stay away so I won’t feel the same