Do you know that feeling when you just feel not doing anything for the day? Well, I kind of had that one today.

I was really lazy to the extent of watching Friends the whole day. (except for the times when I had to go to school for 4 hours)


Way to go, self!

I don’t know what’s happening to me. I felt tired, lazy, and sick even though I was not. I just really want to finish our thesis because I really want to chill guilt free.

It’s like I lost motivation to move forward. We actually had this second screening for Analog Devices Techno week due next Friday. I was really hyped up until tonight when I saw that the other thesis group who had our adviser too got their paper published in IEEE. I did not envy them. If anything I am discourage. Not to the fact that they’re good but because we are not that good. And we didn’t had that opportunity that they had.

I know that’s not a logical reason to get discouraged. They had that opportunity and we have this one. Its just that it seems our adviser is more confident on them than with us. I know we are not that smart but its kind of bumming me out. I hope they gave all of the thesis group a shot in that conference. But anyway whatever they call only the smartest ones so we won’t waste anybody’s time.

Sigh. I wish  somehow somebody would put their confidence on me. I hope someday someone would put their trust on me and say that I can do it. Its really nice to hear words of affirmation and compliment once in awhile.

I am praying I’ll get that tomorrow. haha


So anyway I am happy for those who had their paper published. It’s certainly something to be proud of. I pray someday I’ll make people proud.

Better get moving.

Feeling tired and hopeful,


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