Just an update

Wow how long has it been already since I wrote something in here (and in a hardcopy journal)? It’s again a struggle to find time to write about what happened to my life for almost everyday. It is even hard to try once a month.

But anyway, I’m here again. Despite the rush of my academic and social life(as if I had one), I’m glad I am writing this now. Well, supposedly I should be doing our thesis right no. But I’ve been doing my part for weeks already with futile results and I swear if I ever see tonight another syntax on web development I’ll have a mental breakdown. Seriously, this thesis making got me really stressed. Although, I wasn’t at first but as the final defense draws nearer I freak out more each day. I am also getting frustrated in doing my part because it is really difficult and I still don’t have results and since I do not major in web development. I had to do the studying of all these codes and whatsoever. I am just a little happy because after all these, at least I gained a new skill. Yeaaaayyy!

I really wanted to learn new skills like writing using my left hand or maybe photographic memory or play an instrument. I just don’t have the luxury of time. I even get guilty sometimes when I get rest because there is this pending to-do things for our thesis and I still have to study for exams. Ugh gosh!

I promise if ever I’m done with all of these I’ll do whatever things I wish to do. No guilt trip.

But for now, I need to rest because it has been a tiring day. And if I do something academic related its going to be unproductive anyway. I think that’s all for now. I pray I’ll be able to write tomorrow too. 🙏



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