Hunting in the City Jungle

My friend and I decided to apply for an OJT. We realized we really don’t want to be just staying idle this summer. Since we did not enroll for a summer class, it is better to spend summer being an intern.

We phoned our classmates who were already accepted in a company. It is a new company and so they said it would be easy for us to get in. They got accepted immediately so we feel confident that we would be just be accepted in the same way.

But before any application or any acceptance would happen, of course we should have a preparation. We prepared our resume. In my case, I had my resume already few years ago, but until then it wasn’t that finished. So, I filled it up and noticed how my co-curricular activities occupied the paper. I had so many activities that I feel like they’re unimportant for a job application. I don’t know why but I really felt scared that someone would mistook it as being proud in a bad way. It was difficult also because I had to fit it all in 3 pages. Luckily, I did.

I also made sure my attire for that day would not be so overpowering or too eye catchy. I also want to make sure that it would not also be that dull or somehow too ragged. And so I ended up wearing a blue shirt and jeans. I wanted to try something more than that but I was too afraid that I might offend the people there.

We photocopied our resume on our way because we also would like to submit for application to some other companies. But not for OJT sake but because we really would like to land in a paying job. We were thinking that if ever we wouldn’t get in that OJT then maybe some other company would call us for a job. We were really hopeful.

We first went to that company where we would want to have our internship. On our way, we were guessing how old was the company and maybe it is really a fast growing company, whatsoever. Our classmates told us that their Human Resource Department’s location is different from the office where we would be having our job. They told us that we would be shock when we get to the place.

And so we phoned our classmate to ask the exact location. We followed his instructions, diligently. We made sure we had it all right. But as we went around the corner, we noticed that the whole street was a residential area. We walked further and called our classmate again. We thought we were just being joked or what. Or maybe the directions were not really right. But, the direction were really true. He said we just need to walk further and we would see a house, a white 3-storey house. We just need to press the door bell to get in.

We were hesitant. We saw the house but it just looks like a rich person’s house not some office of some kind. But we just keep thinking that maybe it was really designed that way to make work more comfortable.

Feeling a lot of nervousness, that maybe we are on the wrong house, we pressed the door bell once. And immediately, someone opened the door- a maid, carrying a baby. We were shocked. Deep inside we were thinking how much bother we have made. Gosh, I wish we were transported immediately into another universe!

We asked if this was the company. The maid said yes and said that we just have to go upstairs in the third floor. And we found out that YES! it was really a house but in it’s third floor is the HRD office. When we went there, I was more dumbfounded of how small the office is. I was supposed to ask if this is the company but I was really tongue tied and shocked. But my friend asked for my sake. And yes, it is really the company. They said, they would just see if they have vacancy. They thought we were IT students but when we corrected them, they immediately asked for our resume and contact numbers. We said our good byes and proceed our way out.

The place wasn’t really actually that small. The office is but I guess there was another room set as conference room, and another for their pantry.  They also have lockers. They got everything an office should need.

On our way out, we were really smiling of amusement. We were really surprised. We talked about how comfortable it is to be just working in a house.

While walking, I was checking my resume for no particular reason. And there I noticed that my contact number was wrong! I placed the another person’s number!!! How epic! But then, I really don’t want to go back there just to change the contact number and anyway, we were quite far away already and it was really hot.

Summer indeed. I can feel like the sun is just 1 kilometer way from earth. We looked probably too sweaty for anyone to accept our application. Still we were hopeful to land on a temporary job.

We went to a coffee shop to have coffee but this visit is different. We also handed our resume. They said they would just contact us for an interview. We were really looking forward to that because we really want to apply for that coffee shop. The free-coffee benefit is worth the work!

We stayed for awhile there and talked where to go next. We really actually don’t have the plan companies except for that OJT and the coffee shop. Luckily, we were in the same building where a BPO company was having their recruitment hub. We decided that maybe it is worth the try.

As we went there, I was a bit nervous but upon giving our resume I started to calm down. I was just thinking that I know somehow I am above average and maybe I am above someone from the applicant. I was actually fooling myself to thinking that I should not be intimated by anyone.

We just finished our online survey and we were waiting for the initial interview. My friend was already having his second thoughts about the whole application thing. But I, on the other hand, was feeling really confident. I was thinking that I really have nothing to loose and there still other opportunities out there.

The interview lasted for about 15 minutes, I guess. I really did bad in the interview. Well, not that bad but I was not able to meet the expectation of the interviewer. Beforehand, he was already expecting that I should be more spontaneous and that I should elaborate more my answers. But at the same time, I was also expecting that the interview would not go that way. He was just actually trying to make a conversation. Like he was mentioning stuff like, would my orgs affect my duty hours, would I still study if I get in (OF COURSE I WOULD), etc. He was trying to make me answer things in a most elaborated way. But I was thinking the other way around. I was expecting he would ask me what I do in my org jobs or what did I learn this or that. I was expecting more of a personality questions not some-sort of yes-or-no questions. And what was funny because I realized I was answering his questions in phrases not in complete sentences. And I mentioned the company’s name in a wrong way. He even asked me to “describe a rainbow to a blind man”, at first I did not heard him right. I was really confused so I asked him again what was he saying and again and finally, he said it clearly. I was really shocked and laughing (slightly). I am really amused. It got me thinking how the heck would I really describe a rainbow to a person who doesn’t even know what red looks like. I was thinking that maybe I could pull it off if I would just write it. But no. I can’t. And so, I answered the most stupid answer that I could think of and I can’t even write it here for being to stupid.

We actually had a good laugh but I was pretty sure I won’t get far.

After the interview, we had a simulation of dialogue through online and some technical questions. It was easy. But then after that, the lady asked me how was the recruitment process and told me that for a starter (someone who doesn’t have any experience yet in BPO) we needed 50 points but unfortunately, we just acquired 25 points. Boom! Right then and there, you would know the results of the recruitment. Right then and there, you would know if they don’t like you to be part of them.


I was really laughing deep inside while she was explaining at what area I failed. I was thinking, I am really sorry for wasting their time on me. My friend also did not make it. We were not actually sad. We were really happy we didn’t get in. That means we are opt for something else other than BPO.

At the end of it all, we were glad to experience that. From then on, I guess I am pretty geared for a real job interview. I don’t regret having to experience that rejection. I am actually proud that I survived that interview in a way.

I realized how hard it is look for jobs. You really need to go to a full process. It isn’t actually easy. Although there are a lot of opportunities but it isn’t easy to grab one. It is gonna be epic.


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