Movie feels

Just finished watching the movie ABNKKBSNPLAko. It is based on the book of Bob Ong. It is about a Filipino student’s life.

I must admit that I am completely disheartened by how it ended. I don’t know what was all the point. I don’t knowwwwwwwwwwwww….

I was hoping that he would end up with his girl bestfriend but no, he didn’t. And since they would be together then his girl bestfriend then she’ll stop being a lesbian. But no, they didn’t. And I hate it so much.

It is keeps you hanging with regard to the story of his best friends. What happened to them or what??? But maybe the director just wanted to focus the story on the main character.

I just hope he would shed light on what happened after………….

Them feels.

I guess in reality, girl best friends don’t end up with their guy best friends.  Because in reality, these guy best friends will never stop loving that other girl, no matter what. These girl best friends will be like a “rebound” girl or someone who’ll just an option.

Sad reality it is.


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