I am currently stuck in a limbo land where nothing is certain.

I don’t know what to do or what are the steps to do these things. So many org works to do, so many thinking, so many decision making processes, so many school works, exam week, quiz week, projects, yada, yada yada. It’s just so many.

It’s like everything is on a rush. Time, indeed, does not stop for you. Everyday it is like a race between time and myself. Constantly struggling to finish everything.

But it seems like everyday is not so everyday at all. There are times when I really had to sacrifice the whole night just to study, to work on a project, or to do something for the org. My day and night seems just like they’re one. Just a long day. And it does not happen once a week. Sometimes it goes to 2 or 3 consecutive days. I’ll be like a zombie after each sleepless nights.

It is not good to my health, actually. Every time I do such things, I’ll be experiencing heaviness on my chest. Especially when I drink a coffee or some caffeinated drinks. But what else can I do? Twenty-four hours isn’t enough to accomplish my tasks.

I tried managing my time but really it doesn’t work on me. Sometimes, there will be something coming up from time to time. It is just really hard to manage.

Sigh. Maybe I should just try organizing things again. Just maybe.


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